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Hi everyone,

Since editing OSM via Maps.Me has been enabled for users, I have seen some people are adding their homes or other personal addresses using this feature. (probably by mistake, instead of adding places as their favorites) I'm trying to get a list of nodes that has been created by this app in our country.

I know there is a created_by tag in changesets but I don't know to create a query that can fetch all the nodes that has been created by in a area. Is it possible? if yes, what is the exact query?


asked 28 Aug '16, 10:42

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Adib Yz
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One of the authors of MAPS.ME has created mmwatch, which allows you to search for (and if necessary revert) MAPS.ME edits by country. Here, for example is the list for Iran.

There certainly have been issues with people creating OSM POIs as MAPS.ME "favorites"; in some cases not understanding that they're actually updating a public map at all.

I'd always try and communicate with the users concerned via changeset discussion comments, though this won't always work because sometimes users use throwaway email accounts to sign up for online services. If there's a persistent problem of people not replying to comments you can let the Data Working Group know (by email to - we can send them a message that they have to read before they can continue mapping.

I'd always try and make messages to new MAPS.ME users polite - often they don't know that they're adding to OpenStreetMap at all, and it's not their fault that the app that they're using hasn't communicated that to them effectively (there are a number of issues around that raised here). I'd always encourage them to carry on adding valuable data to OSM; just not the personal data that they probably didn't know they were adding in the first place :)

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answered 28 Aug '16, 11:18

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Is there a way to see what portion of total OSM edits is done via MAPS.ME (or other editors)? I just found this:

(24 Jan '17, 22:18) Kozuch

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