Like it was said in one of my question on stackexchange, I'm trying to configure my own tile server in CentOS 6 following this tutorial.

I had some issues that have been solved, everything is working perfectly in my previous configured VM : I can render my tiles in a distant computer in QGIS, it's very fast and no bugged.

I was thinking that it was going to be the same during the configuration on a "real" server, but I have some new problems...

In fact, http://myserveradress/osm_tiles/0/0/0.png is working. I can also get an access to my server from QGIS using QuickMapService like in my VM :

before zoom Coasts lines are present before a zoom

BUT beyond a certain zoom level in a country (when it's supposed to render some streets/places/etc) I get this :

some errors some errors

And the screen is white...

Also, a strange fact from France rendering (country that I had tried to get into my database to finally stop the process) :

france Africa (that is uploaded in my DB) is supposed to be rendered...not France

I was wondering if it was coming from the server performances so I used the command

render_list --all --socket=/var/run/renderd/renderd.sock -z 0 -Z 10

in order to pre-render some tiles and decrease the rendering time but I also get an error like :

server terminal capture

I searched on the net in order to find some clues but most people do not find answers to this problem.

I uploaded all Africa continent during the last night and I swear I reused the same process as in my VM configuration...

Does someone have an idea ?

asked 24 Aug '16, 11:01

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Léo W
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Looks like you still have france either in your database or in your tile cache. For rendering issues, have you tried to run renderd with - f to look for errors?

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answered 28 Apr '18, 09:43

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Sorry made a mistake and commented on this post from '16. Thus bringing it to the top. Please ignore.

(28 Apr '18, 14:08) gfitz
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