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Hi all,

I've got a GPX track (POIs only) that I am using for reference in JOSM. However, the "x" to mark points is quite small/thin.

Question 1: Is there a setting to increase this to make it more visible? (I mean within JOSM, i.e. without adapting the GPX track. Of course, I could change the points into short tracks to make them more visible, or add a fake hdop value to enable a circle to be drawn.)

I've also tried to convert the GPX to a layer, where I can then add (fake) POI symbols. That gives me the visibility I want. However, because I am working in a separate layer, that layer becomes inactive, and grey. I've tried to change the colour of "inactive" but the colour doesn't stick: You can see it change, but as soon as you close the settings (with "ok") it changes back. In any case, it only affects the writing, not the POI symbols.

Question 2: Is there a way in JOSM to make inactive layers (text/POIs) strand out more, e.g. by assigning a colour other than grey?

Many thanks! Bjoern

asked 23 Aug '16, 10:33

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please ask two questions in two separate question entries here on this site. The layer thing may be interesting for people which do not look about gpx tracks. Thank you!

(23 Aug '16, 19:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

I answer Question 2:

Go to JOSM preferences (F12), go to Display Settings, there to the Colours tab and change the inactive field to the colour you wish:

alt text

permanent link

answered 27 Aug '16, 00:33

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Many thanks!

(25 May '17, 14:45) bjohas

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