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Today I added the county boundaries for Iran but unfortunately the upload wasn't successful and around 136000 untagged nodes has been added to map. I tried to revert the changsets by JOSM revert plugin but it keeps displaying the "IO exception error: failed to upload data to or download data from OSM due to a problem with transferring data. Read timed out"

What should I do? The changesets are as follows: 41606250 41606532 41606969

asked 22 Aug '16, 17:03

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Adib Yz
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First things first - thanks for letting us know!

What I'd suggest now is to let the DWG have a bit of a head-scratch and we'll try and figure out the best way to revert this data. There are a couple of possible ways forward, some of which will require reconstructing the changeset .osc by other means.

There's already a pull request to try and prevent this being an issue in the future. It's something that seems to have happened more often in recent months (I can think of four examples I've had to do; other DWG members will have done others of course).

For completeness, there's also a wiki page that explains what you're supposed to do before an import. One thing that I do note about that is that it's not translated to many languages, so one way that you can absolutely help while we're figuring out how to revert is to translate a copy of that into Persian (if you're unsure how translations are done, ask on IRC in #osm on OFTC and someone will help).

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answered 22 Aug '16, 17:50

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for the info. Before doing this import I discussed my plan with our comunnity members but since it hasn't been done before by anyone in Iran, I had no choice other than try it myself. I also sent a message to imports mailingg list but it been 3 days that it waits for moderation. I would also appreciate it if you or anyone else with experience in doing such activities can give me a step by step guide on how to upload my OSM file. I almost worked for 3 weeks on this file before trying to upload it.

(22 Aug '16, 18:21) Adib Yz

As was pointed out to you in you did not follow the import guidelines. They are there for a reason (a decade of bad imports) and you could have avoided the work other people have to do to clean up the mess if you had taken them seriously.

(22 Aug '16, 18:25) SimonPoole ♦

You are right. I didn't take the guide seriously and I'm sorry for the mess. I hope some day I can do the kind of work that DWG members do.

(22 Aug '16, 19:07) Adib Yz

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