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Hi everybody, I'd like to add loading docks (i.e. a place where trucks load and unload material) to a large industrial facility. Some issues I am facing:

  • a) there is no point in the Transport category (only close being Ferry Terminal-clearly a quite different thing)
  • b) The loading dock is usually an area which host more than one berth/bay sharing the same Dock name - so I'd like to define an area and give it a unique name and associate the category Loading Dock. How can I do this in OSM?

Sorry for the question but I am very new to OSM and I need your help and patience.

Thanks again, Emanuele

asked 13 May '11, 06:09

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aseerel4c26 ♦

As someone who has been in a similar situation, I'm wondering if we need a new namespace for goods transport like we have for railways and aircraft already.

(14 May '11, 22:34) Baloo Uriza

Hi Paul, probably we do, but it is quite obscure to me how this process can be initiated... Have you got any idea who is the core team who should take care of this? Thanks!

(16 May '11, 07:10) Edolis

OpenStreetMap doesn't have any core teams that decide upon such matters. Open a wikisite, develop a sensible taggign scheme together with other mappers interessted in that matter, document it and start using it.

(16 May '11, 07:22) petschge

amenity = loading___dock is used a few times in the data base.

building___entrance:loading_dock = * is used a few times as well.

Mapping an area of loading docks sounds to me very much like amenity = parking, which is widely used, even if a loading dock is a very specific kind of parking.

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answered 25 May '11, 12:45

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Richard Weait
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Thanks Richard, I think this is the way to go... I think I will not use 'amenity' though - it is an industrial premises, I think it would be misleading.

(27 May '11, 05:13) Edolis

one way to find out how others map and tag is use the search box in the nominatim for examples,so "dock" shows a list of examples to look at. zoom right in,then open in Potlach2 and look at what's been done before,I'm sure you have your answer, but this could be useful to other mappers

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answered 27 May '11, 07:49

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andy mackey
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If you are talking about an area where containers are stored, you can use landuse=depot.

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answered 04 Dec '18, 06:38

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In this case, a loading dock is referring to the large open doors on the sides of buildings where a truck/lorry can back up to it and goods can be loaded onto or unloaded from the truck.

(04 Dec '18, 16:48) alester

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