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I'm building maps by pasting Thunderforest outdoors map squares into PowerPoint. Trouble is, lines appear between the squares even when I allow a bit of overlap. Any and all solutions gratefully received.

asked 22 Aug '16, 11:30

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I'd suggest that you browse to the area you want, take a screenshot of that (with a fullscreen browser), and edit that so that it shows the area you want (and the OSM attribution!) and include that larger picture in the powerpoint.

Depending on the projector resolution that might be plenty good enough; if not see some of the options here.

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answered 22 Aug '16, 11:37

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Many thanks for the swift reply! A very helpful solution. I guess that the area to browse is that found in the Demo view at, expanded as necessary? By the way, the reason I'm using PowerPoint is that it provides a canvas on which to add routes, symbols and the like; the aim is to print rather than project the result.


(22 Aug '16, 12:18) simonwater

If you want to create a personal map using OSM data as a background you might find useful.

(22 Aug '16, 12:22) SomeoneElse ♦

Many thanks for this.

(24 Aug '16, 10:14) simonwater

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