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so, when I see a cast-bronze sign that describes a historical or notable geographic location, I assume this is useful osm data, but I am not sure how to use the tags to describe the POI

example sign

I also see many, many signs that say something like "on this spot in 1900, such a historical event happened and thus it is called such name"... these are important navigation and information

asked 21 Aug '16, 14:04

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It may be

  • tourism=information
  • information=board
  • board_type=history

See and the linked sub-pages.

If it is rather a memorial plaque or just some information board (for, possibly, tourists), depends on your judgement. Of course, you could also use both tags on one OSM object (tourism... and historic) if applicable.

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answered 21 Aug '16, 22:30

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How would I map a series of commemorative plaques? In 2015 the Pan Am games were held near where I live. The area is now open to the public and there are many new amenities to be mapped. One of them is a series of plaques that were place on the sidewalk. There is one for each country that participated in the games. Here is an example:

There is also Braille on the plaque. Any suggestions? Thanks.

(23 Aug '16, 20:59) logrady

@logrady: I am not really happy with my ideas about it. I would tend to say that the whole series is a "historic=memorial + memorial=plaque" since they closely belong together. Each single one is not really meaningful and not meant to be viewed without all the others. However, how to map this? A node on each position and insert them into a relation with type=site and historic=memorial + memorial=plaque. The next best solution would be to tag each one (node) as historic=memorial + memorial=plaque.

(25 Aug '16, 20:28) aseerel4c26 ♦

I think each plaque should acknowledge the country that appears on it using the name tag as in name=Cayman Islands (as for the sample image linked above).

I believe these plaques should be as you suggested:

tourism=information, information=board, board_type=history.

And I think I should add colour=black.

So in summary each plaque would be a node with the following tags ("Country Name" changed for each plaque):

type=site, name="Country Name", tourism=information, information=board, board_type=history, colour=black.

(25 Aug '16, 20:44) logrady

@logrady: yes, tagging the individual ones as information board is okay too. But do not use type=site on a node. That's a tag only for relations and makes only sense there. In addition to tag each node as information board you could add them into a relation which you tag as I described above (an example of a relation memorial). Likely it will be understood by no software, tough. ;-)

(25 Aug '16, 21:33) aseerel4c26 ♦

Not sure why I added the type=site. Agreed it should not be used.

I found this example: near where I'm making these entries, which uses four of the remaining five tags I mentioned above.

So to conclude I will use: name="Country Name", tourism=information, information=board, board_type=history and colour=black.

Thanks for your help.

(25 Aug '16, 21:46) logrady

@logrady: yes, that is fine.

description=a commemorative plaque of one country which took part in the 2015 Pan Am games. Part of a series.

would be possible too for each object.

(25 Aug '16, 22:42) aseerel4c26 ♦

I was going to put something like that in a note= but description= is also appropriate.

(25 Aug '16, 22:55) logrady

The name= tag should be the common name of the thing. Do people say, "meet you at Cayman Islands at Noon", or do they say, "meet you at the Pan Am memorial plaques"? Probably the Cayman Islands text goes in the key for the tag inscription=

(28 Aug '16, 22:56) mtc
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I suggest memorial=plaque.

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answered 21 Aug '16, 17:48

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… in addition to historic=memorial. memorial=plaque is just a specification of a "memorial".

(21 Aug '16, 18:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

I think historic=memorial is used for "Small memorials, usually remembering special persons, people who lost their lives in the wars" (historic=memorial).

(21 Aug '16, 18:51) logrady

@logrady See the wiki page you mentioned and also Key:memorial. The memorial key is always used in combination with the historic key.

(21 Aug '16, 19:07) scai ♦

So what are the correct tags in this instance?

(21 Aug '16, 19:28) logrady

@logrady: both together:

  • historic=memorial
  • memorial=plaque
(21 Aug '16, 21:55) aseerel4c26 ♦

how should the text of the plaque (especially the title) be entered in the tags? name= ? or just in note= ?

(21 Aug '16, 22:18) mtc

@mtc: in an additional tag with the key inscription. See .

(21 Aug '16, 22:22) aseerel4c26 ♦
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I still do not know whether this bronze-cast plate is an information=board or a memorial=plaque , since both seem correct and incorrect in some ways. I gave the correct answer to aseerel4c26 because it seemed more accurate and more verbose, but I appreciate the discussion here, as I learned a lot about mapping these POIs. I have since mapped two war memorial parks based on this new information. Thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts.

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answered 28 Aug '16, 23:03

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