How to geocode address using OSM data?

asked 19 Aug '16, 13:03

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I'm not sure what answer you're looking for. You already know because this morning, an hour before asking this question, you commented on a Nominatim github issue.

alt text

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answered 19 Aug '16, 15:19

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I'm looking for a tool that will allow for automatic geocoding address. I have over 3000 addresses with which they are associated data would get the longitude and latitude of each of these addresses. I tried to use Nominatim but misguided geocoding is pointless. The problem with Nominatim reported in December 2014 after nearly two years away is unresolved.

(19 Aug '16, 16:37) RafalR

Can you link to "The problem with Nominatim reported in December 2014"?

(19 Aug '16, 16:48) SomeoneElse ♦
(19 Aug '16, 17:07) mtmail

Conclusion: We have the data but we lack the tools to be able to find this data.

(21 Aug '16, 12:04) RafalR

Maybe more geocoding services based on OSM are listed in the OSM wiki about Search_engines.

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answered 23 Aug '16, 21:14

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The issue with Nominatim's logic in this case it that Lublin exists as city, regional administration and state. When searching for a street all three are considered and the wrong results end up on top. It's slightly more complicated than Berlin or Vienna (state vs city). So far tagging changes didn't work and it looks like only the next major version with per-country logic can fix it. Even using &street=, &city= parameters instead of &query= doesn't help here. We don't want to add regional hacks. Photon, Mapquest, OpenCage (disclaimer: I work there) will show the same behaviour, at least when searching for house number level addresses. Mapzen Pelias and Mapbox Carmen build their place vertical hierarchy differently, they /might/ have better results.

(23 Aug '16, 22:12) mtmail

I think you can import the OSM data into QGIS, geocode it there then upload it back to OSM.

Here's the link for the QGIS OSM plugin:

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answered 24 Aug '16, 02:47

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The wiki page says "This plugin no longer works with current OSM data, or with current versions of QGIS". Last updated 2010.

(24 Aug '16, 02:52) mtmail

I think the OSM plugin for R (osmar) works. Here's a link to a quick tutorial of how to use it to geocode:

(24 Aug '16, 03:03) logrady

please do not upload results from other geocoders to OSM - see the import guidelines and the contributor agreement!

(24 Aug '16, 21:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

I wanted to use Nominatim but this tool does not fulfill its tasks. In QGIS whether should upload the whole country to be able to search for addresses? It's probably a bit pointless. I do not have the resources and knowledge to do this and benefit from it. I was looking for a solution that based on the data as a simple way to allow me to solve the problem. I'm in the process of writing the script for JSOM which recognizes addresses from CSV files. Geolocation that there was very helpful but not impossible to do so to work properly without a working Nominatim

(01 Sep '16, 10:37) RafalR
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