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Hello, I managed to set up my own Nominatim Server.

  1. I would like to run mass geocoding, for example 100.000 Adresses that I want to enrich with lat/ lon. What would be the fastest / most efficient way to realize that via Nominatim?
  2. Can I run a script, that calculates me every adress in germany with lat / lon? In which language would that script be and could you maybe lead me to some helpful links?

Thanks in advance, yours truly, Stephano

asked 17 Aug '16, 13:09

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Nominatim isn't different from other geocoders in that regard. There is an API, you request a URL in the programming language of your choice and receive a JSON or XML data structure back. Every programming language can do that.

The search parameters are documented here http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nominatim#Search and you would run a query against your own Nominatim server, e.g. http://localhost:8080/nominatim/search.php?...&format=json

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answered 17 Aug '16, 14:02

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Although not for mass geocoding, see Nominatim's usage policy.

(17 Aug '16, 14:06) scai ♦

Ok thanks, if I want to enrich 100.000 adresses, I guess I have to make 100.000 single Querys, but I can automatize that via JavaScript, right?

(17 Aug '16, 14:09) Stephano007

Stephano007 wrote he setup his own Nominatim Server.

(17 Aug '16, 14:25) mtmail

Yes. With Javascript you need to watch out not to send too many requests at the same time because Javascript will not wait for a request to finish and start with the next request immediately. Limit it to 2-5 parallel requests as a start.http://caolan.github.io/async/ may help.

(17 Aug '16, 14:31) mtmail

@scai They have set up their own Nominatim server, so the Nominatim usage policy doesn't apply. (Wanting to do mass geocoding is one good reason for setting up your own server).

(18 Aug '16, 09:43) rorym

@Stephan007 Yes you can do that with Javascript. It's just a loop.

(18 Aug '16, 09:45) rorym
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