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I have updated the coastline for tye two islands od Hulhumale in the region within this link

They are visible on when I turn Map data on But its not being rendered or not updated on the map. I have been updating and making corrections everyday where ever possible but no luck.

Can someone please explain mw why its not updated or what I am doing wrong.

I have been waitig for a long time for this to update. Thanks

asked 17 Aug '16, 11:53

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answered 17 Aug '16, 12:59

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Jochen Topf
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Thank you very much. There is not update yet on the OSM Map visible.

Does anyone know the next date they will be updating the coastline and polygons server layers. Or is there anyway I can write to them to speed up the process for this area?

Any help is appreciated

(24 Aug '16, 10:08) accay

Wondering the same as I made some coast line changes three days ago. There seems to be some conflicting information on how often the coastline is updated with times ranging from several weeks to "daily". Obviously it isn’t daily.

(24 Aug '16, 19:36) n76

As explained on that wiki page, and I just edited it to make it a bit more clear, the update process runs daily, but if there is a problem, the update doesn't go through. Then you just have to wait.

You can go to and fix any errors there. Usually people do that though, but new errors creep in again and again.

(27 Aug '16, 07:50) Jochen Topf

Any idea how often the daily update actually succeeds?

At present shows errors. I've actually checked that site several times over the last couple of weeks and every time I've checked it has shown errors. Seems to be in different places when I've checked on different days. So I guess somebody is trying to fix the errors.

The present errors are in places I've never edited and look like it needs extensive work so it would be much better for a local person to step in.

(27 Aug '16, 16:10) n76

Mine doesn't show up any errors in the OSM inspector. If thats the case I hope it gets updated soon. Cheers

(29 Aug '16, 07:45) accay

I fixed some yesterday but since then new errors appeared :/ Also OSMI (or OpenLayers?) seems to have a bug when panning to the right or lowering the zoom level, as soon as a longitude of 180°/-180° is displayed all errors disappear.

(29 Aug '16, 08:15) scai ♦

Exactly: Everyday it seems the errors are different. At this instant there is a lake in Russia tagged with coastline that is broken. Two days ago it was a peninsula in the Aegean. Given edits, and broken edits, occurring world wide everyday the question remains: How often does the daily update actually succeed?

From the sound of it, maybe only a couple of times a year.

(29 Aug '16, 16:17) n76

Currently there are a lot of intersecting coastlines in New Zealand (an import going wrong?) which almost get hidden by the previously mentioned OSMI / OpenLayers bug at longitude 180°/-180°.

(29 Aug '16, 16:55) scai ♦

According to the last coastline update happened on August, 9th. That's a month ago. I'm checking regularly and it looks like the coastline breaks every day again. People fix it, someone else breaks it (by accident, of course).

(05 Sep '16, 07:42) scai ♦

The coastline layers has updated on the 23rd of august and iine is still not visible. This is getting me confused and i'm not sure what the problem is. there are no errors detected by the osm inspector in the area.

(07 Sep '16, 08:01) accay
(07 Sep '16, 08:08) accay
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I can confirm the coastlines are updated in like every two weeks (give or take). sorry about the mis understanding

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answered 27 Sep '16, 21:16

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From reading various posts and blogs I think the update is not on a regular schedule and it could be anything between 2-6 months. again I may be wrong, Im not sure. Sorry if I am mistaken

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answered 26 Aug '16, 17:25

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