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I'm looking for an alternative to deLormes StreetAtlas since they discontinued it.

asked 16 Aug '16, 15:06

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The short answer is "no". I use OpenStreetMap data in lots of places without an Internet connection.

However, since OSM is just the data, and there are lots of different products made with it, some of which work online and require an Internet connection, and some of which don't, it'd be helpful if you could describe what features you actually want.

If you just want to "look at some maps on a PC" then there are a few options that use OSM data, but there is no "OpenStreetMap" product as such.

(16 Aug '16, 15:12) SomeoneElse ♦

@beauregaardhooligan: at which platform would you like to use "this"? What is "this"? For which use case would you like to use "this"?

(16 Aug '16, 15:59) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks, SomeoneElse! As I stated above, I need something to replace my deLorme StreetAtlas program since they have discontinued it. I'm looking for a free program that will work off line and show street maps, create routes, save waypoints and addresses, and soForth. If it could work with StreetAtlas files that would be great. I am running windows10 and already have a gps antennae.

(17 Aug '16, 00:54) beauregaardh...

Maybe you can list the features you want to use. Just showing a map? Searching for a location by address? Routing?

(18 Aug '16, 17:59) scai ♦

I am not aware of such a feature-rich (possibly easy to use) offline program for desktop PCs. Our data license would allow the creation of such a software by everybody. I would give "Navit" or "MapFactor Navigator Free" a try. If you just want to view maps and plan a bit, then Garmin-maps-based Viewers may be good.

We have a list of offline programs there (with links to other lists):

Also see

permanent link

answered 18 Aug '16, 00:35

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Thank you!

(18 Aug '16, 02:15) beauregaardh...

Garmin Basecamp would be a good option but you will need a OSM on Garmin .IMG file for the map, they are quite big downloads which may not be that easy in WiFi hotspot but if sucessful you would able to view an whole country without an internet conection.

(19 Aug '16, 08:54) andy mackey

I like and use GPS Prune it needs Java but its small and quick, you can cache maps when you have internet, you will also need a smal gpx file or feed in a point to start it. alt text

permanent link

answered 18 Aug '16, 17:44

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andy mackey
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opps! and you can get it free from

(18 Aug '16, 17:46) andy mackey

… or read about it in our docu wiki:

(18 Aug '16, 22:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

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