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Is there a better way to add a Bottle Return/authorized redemption center (a place not just a machine) to the map? As in a place where you can return cans and glass or plastic bottles to get back the refundable deposit that had been paid for them. See container deposit legislation for information
Which doesn't work very well because it seems to indicate that a facility with recycling:glass_bottles=yes would take all or at least most glass bottles when bottle returns only take bottles that had a deposits paid for it (also if the return is in a store it might take/refund bottles that are sold at that store)

PS I just want to check if there already is a solution that I've missed before sending something to the tagging mailing list

asked 14 Aug '16, 22:06

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Since 2017, "reverse vending" machine scheme has been documented at . It suggests:

  • amenity=vending_machine
  • vending=bottle_return

Additional "recycling" and "payment" tags are also documented on the linked wiki page.

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answered 30 Jun '22, 12:23

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I'm not sure we have that facilty in the UK yet, although deposite returns were discussed on the radio recently, we did have a deposite system 50 years ago when we could get 3 or 4 old pennies on lemonade and beer bottles. I would suggest a good look at tag info here for other countries. and as you suggest debating a new tag which is fit for purpose. The plastic bag tax seems to be working and i think returnable deposites would be a good idea as well.

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answered 14 Aug '16, 22:39

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andy mackey
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Deposit schemes are often legally required in other European countries.

(15 Aug '16, 09:19) SK53 ♦

Yes i knew Europe and US were doing better than the UK

(15 Aug '16, 09:38) andy mackey

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