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Hi all

I'm trying to get max speed information for a simple routing app I'm programming. I can do this using the nominatim reverse geocoding RESt-API. However, when I send a request to nominatim for a certain GPS point it can happen that at this point there are several roads and therefore several max speed informations valid. Think for example at a bride over a motorway. At the exact same GPS point on top of that bridge there are two valid roads. What I'd like to get as response is some kind of array of all valid roads (actually openstreetmap id's) and not just one. Does anybody know for some way how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards, Patrick

asked 06 Aug '16, 06:00

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Nominatim is the wrong tool for querying specific information from OSM. Nominatim is a geocoder and designed to transform addresses into coordinates and coordinates back into addresses.

If you want to build a routing engine then better start working with offline data. If you still need to qeury for specific data then take a look at Overpass API and the overpass-turbo frontend. These tools are very powerful and a lot better suited for your task.

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answered 07 Aug '16, 10:03

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Nominatim's /reverse endpoint will only return a single feature (e.g. road), setting &limit has no effect. The reverse search logic tries to exclude bridges, tunnels and other man-made features, it doesn't always work and roads can have several names (and/or reference numbers).

In there's a pull request which might to in that direction (even after reading several times I'm not entirely sure what that developer is looking for). I've seen your request before, sometimes it's about roads, sometimes points-of-interest and that would need a new, let's say /nearby, endpoint. Currently Nominatim can't do that.

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answered 06 Aug '16, 14:14

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