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Hello, I'm researching on an effective traffic system and decided to carry on a simulation by SUMO (Simulation of Urban MObility, traffic simulation software). I realized that I can export the OSM map into the SUMO software and simulate it. I want to make a virtual map (which means it is not in the real world) with a new array of roads on OSM, and test it. I would like to know how to make an private OSM map, which can be used only for my research. If it's impossible, I would also appreciate if you let me know some other alternative ways to make a map which can be later translated into SUMO. Thank you.

asked 05 Aug '16, 15:23

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by private OSM map you mean that you want to start with a blank space and "draw" your own (imaginary) roads? And then you want to use it for SUMO?

(05 Aug '16, 19:51) aseerel4c26 ♦

yes that's exactly what I meant to say.

(06 Aug '16, 15:31) Ahjaeyo

Apart from Simon's answer, …

you could use JOSM to create a new OSM layer, do your imaginary additions, save into an .osm file (locally on your computer). Then you can start with your SUMO stack (I do not know which format SUMO ingests – .osm XML files?). That would be very easy.

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answered 06 Aug '16, 17:08

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Likely the simplest way, assuming you want to make manual edits/additions, is to install the rails port (the ruby app that is import some data and add to that.


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answered 05 Aug '16, 23:26

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