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Hi, I'm aware of the move to areas to identify building as opposed to single POIs - but with that change, there is no longer "a point" for distance calculation, or for display on simpler overlays.

How are you supposed to work with such data for tasks like that?

I would have thought that if a building outline is to be defined in detail, then one of the details should be a single point that defines the entrance location for routing & detail calculations, distinctive from normal outline nodes? (or the main entrance / each entrance on a building with more than one).


Thanks, TBF.

asked 02 Aug '16, 22:15

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Are you aware of the (quite established) possibility to map the entrance of a bulding?

If not given I would use the centre/mass centre of a building for routing.

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Thanks for that, I was not aware of it.

None of the POI / place data I've examined so far uses that at all; eg. one set I've looked through is the shopping centre (malls) data for most of England; a lot are shown as area buildings rather than single points - but not one "entrance" tag on any of them.


(02 Aug '16, 22:59) tbf

That's correct. So far only few buildings have an entrance mapped. But this will change over time, especially for important buildings.

If no entrance is mapped then either use the building outline for distance calculation or the center point (which can be located outside the building depending on the geometry).

(03 Aug '16, 07:55) scai ♦

@tbf: to find examples of mapped entrances, go to , open the "wizard", enter "entrance=*" (without quotation marks) and it will show you all which are on the current map area. A simple example mall, a complex one (which is mapped as "Simple 3D Building" too, and shows you its entrances with the role "entrance", too).

(03 Aug '16, 08:11) aseerel4c26 ♦

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