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I'd like to display waypoints labels for a GPX file inside JOSM. This post could be considered as a duplicate of this post but it is more about local vs. uploaded GPX files and the way that waypoints display in JOSM.

I have uploaded on OSM server a GPX file containing both tracks and waypoints (see here for testing, file name is boulingrin_poitiers.gpx). Waypoints are labelled with name tags (id number) and desc tags (custom name). JOSM perfectly displays either name or desc fields if I load the GPX file from my computer. On the other hand, it does not if I download the file in JOSM from OSM server. JOSM preferences for GPS Points are set identically for both cases...

Could anybody try my file or have an idea on this issue?

asked 27 Jul '16, 08:31

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For info what I see when I invoke "edit" from the traces list (with JOSM running and remote control enabled, and when on the http osm site)is that the "map" part of the edit URL is honoured (e.g. ) but not the "gpx" part - I don't see the GPS trace at all (no waypoints, no track - nothing).

(27 Jul '16, 11:07) SomeoneElse ♦

how do you "download the file in JOSM from OSM server"?

If you use the "GPS raw data" option in "Download from OSM" dialogue, then it only downloads a GPS tracks at some area (from – see its description). You will notice that you will not get a GPS waypoint layer but only a GPS track layer.

If you use "Open Location" and provide your as source, then you will get GPS waypoints and tracks.

[note: I am talking of "tracks" in the meaning which gpx files use, not the OSM highway type "track"]

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answered 28 Jul '16, 06:35

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Thanks @aseerel4c26, this is the good way. I indeed used the "GPS raw data" option. I tested the "Open location" and it goes fine! I just had to modify the URL I gave in my post to follow your syntax: becomes

(28 Jul '16, 07:02) wiltomap

@wiltomap: Yes, the URL you need to provide is just the "Download" link on the uploaded gpx file's detail page (right click, copy link address).

(28 Jul '16, 07:07) aseerel4c26 ♦

@wiltomap: maybe this evening I will think about changing the description of the checkbox in JOSM from "GPS raw data" to "raw GPS traces (no waypoints)" (no, that's much too long), or something.

(28 Jul '16, 07:18) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerecl4c26: that would be great! Thanks again for help.

(28 Jul '16, 09:31) wiltomap

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