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I load a gpx track to Potlatch 2. It appears as a blue line. I want to edit it to convert it into a path, give it a name and put it in OSM, but no luck!

So, my track is visible as a blue line, but how to edit it in Potlatch 2? If I try to select the track, only a red point appears, but the whole track is not selected.



asked 11 May '11, 10:50

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You don't convert the GPX track to a path, but draw the path following the GPX track using your local knowledge. This way you can map small wiggles if they are real or map a straight road if the wiggles are just due to the imprecisions of the GPS. The red dot that appears is the first node of the way.

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answered 11 May '11, 11:03

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Ah, now it's clear. Thanks.

I was confused because some weeks ago in Potlatch 2 I DID manage to convert a blue gpx track directly into an editable track. I no more know how I did it....that's why I posted this question.

(11 May '11, 13:39) stephanpls

Alt-click a GPS track to make it an editable way. (Or Shift-Ctrl-click if you're using a daft Linux window manager that intercepts the Alt key for itself.)

(11 May '11, 15:54) Richard ♦

to continue petschge's answer keep clicking along trace then to connect it to another way use shift click ( search unconnected nodes in this Q&A) the highlighted way can now be tagged,use the box on the left(drag it from left edge of map until big enough) click on "unknown" box below the "no tags set" and select the best description when finished click save then describe what you've done and with what eg trace bing survay then save again wait for “successfully saved” then log out. Note some edits can take a while to appear on the slippy map good luck, searching Q&A before asking questions is some times quicker.

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answered 11 May '11, 12:02

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andy mackey
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sorry "unconected nodes" can't be found but this Question answers things to avoid "what-are-the-most-common-mapping-mistakes-that-other-users-make"

(11 May '11, 12:13) andy mackey

Take the following steps: Go to "Vector file" in Background and change the "Style" for Enhanced and keep the box "Select" filled. Now, the track will be showed as a thick line that can be edited.

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answered 03 Oct '11, 04:49

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