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I want to get all Campingsites in a area, but many campsites are missing when i call following Xapi:[tourism=camp_site][bbox=10.65674,49.33228,11.71143,50.35948]

e.g Die Campinginsel (164951603) there are many others missing. E.G. Sommerach... I don't understand because the tag tourism=camp_site is correctly set.

greetings from Bamberg/Germany Rainer

asked 26 Jul '16, 07:56

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I've seen this is an area not a poi. my really problem is to import pois into my Android Locus how can i get all camp_sites areas and show them as pois in my android app? is this possible?

(26 Jul '16, 08:08) rr001

Not sure about Overpass, but in Overpass Turbo, you can do this:

out body;
out skel qt;

which returns both nodes and ways tagged camp_site.

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answered 26 Jul '16, 13:04

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thank you i didn't know that there are ways and relations too that was it. but in Locus this camingSites where shown as Tracks Never Mind, it's not the best but it's ok for me

(26 Jul '16, 15:12) rr001

You can use 'out center;' to have Overpass API convert the areas to pois:

Don't miss the 'GPX' option under the Export function.

(26 Jul '16, 15:39) maxerickson
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