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Sometimes I see relations have the same way assigned many times.
From my point of view such ways are redundant, but maybe they have some hidden goal :)

Can they be simply ignored in such case or have to be taken into account because of something?

Relation 6172257 has way 385987825 assigned 10 times and way 385594983 assigned 9 times.
Relation 6025059 has way 401613413 assigned 2 times.

Top 20 :-)

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asked 21 Jul '16, 21:46

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edited 21 Jul '16, 21:46


As far as I can tell, these are just plain bad taggings of multipolygons. Actually, it would be highly desirable if editor Apps prevented this kind of duplication, or at the very least presented users with a big warning if they try to upload this type of mess. I would just clean this up without asking the original editor who created it, it is not worth contacting, better spend the time on the clean up.

(21 Jul '16, 23:12) mboeringa

OK, I decided to fix these issues myself. In case of the relation 6172257, I have also decided to drop all buildings from the multipolygon. It is a bit a disputed point, but generally speaking, above surface man made structures like building do not belong as part of a landuse multipolygon.

(22 Jul '16, 10:12) mboeringa

My guess in the case of 6172257 it's not deliberate. That is a landuse=grass, and was created in one go by iD, which hides much relation processing from the user. Maybe ask the person who added it about it?

With some relations (e.g. bus routes) it might make more sense.

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answered 21 Jul '16, 22:50

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Hi, look at this one 385987825 then you’ll notice it’s a large collection of multypoligones and every inner has a relation with the outer.

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answered 21 Jul '16, 21:54

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Hi Hendrik, 385987825 is a way with a collection of nodes (points). We see on the definition of this way also that it has been mapped many times to relation 6172257. I'm not sure I understand your answer :-) ...

(21 Jul '16, 22:24) stalek

Follow mboerings advice and dont think over it.

(21 Jul '16, 23:18) Hendrikklaas

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