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There are multiple river banks/strands in Prague, with permanently moored ships. Onboard those ships are various amenities (restaurants, pubs, hostels/hotels, a theatre, etc.). However, only the amenities are currently mapped, which leads to misunderstandings ("Pub in the river? How unlikely, let's armchair-move it over to the strand.").

I would like to map those ships - they have been there for years, there is no intent to move them, and are even incapable of moving elsewhere. From a pedestrian POV, they are essentially a connected set of area=pedestrian and highway=steps; however, that does not seem as complete or correct tagging to me. They are otherwise unremarkable refitted coal barges, so historic=ship is inappropriate. One of them is mapped simply as building=yes, which is OTG-ish (as large as a medium-sized building, with one or more floors, doesn't move, serves a similar purpose), but doesn't seem appropriate either.

So, what is a good combination of tags for such floating almost-buildings?

asked 21 Jul '16, 13:55

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Hi Piskvor, use building=houseboat and add sufficient taggs to specify the use of it. see link

permanent link

answered 21 Jul '16, 17:33

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Thank you, that looks better :) The wiki page says "a boat ... to be used primarily as a home", though. Well, those ships are a kind of a house-boat, just not for residing in; that's close enough, I think.

(21 Jul '16, 17:51) Piskvor

Hi just another example, but we dont have a lot of them although I did expect we did. All boats used to live on get the same official tag, houseboat

(21 Jul '16, 21:47) Hendrikklaas

Okay then - I'll map as houseboats. Thanks again!

(25 Jul '16, 09:58) Piskvor

building=houseboat wouldn't make sense for a restaurant, pub, theatre, etc. It would be better to use something that more accurately describes the vessel like building=barge or building=ship, along with floating=yes.

(25 Jul '16, 16:44) alester

Alester there even not hat much floating restaurants not even here and the few where tagged as is.

(25 Jul '16, 16:58) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklaas: Piskvor's original question was about ships with "restaurants, pubs, hostels/hotels, a theatre, etc.". Regardless of how uncommon they may be, tagging such ships as a houseboat would be wildly inaccurate.

(25 Jul '16, 17:11) alester

To be honest, very few of the ships concerned here are intended for living in: there are a few botels, but the rest are "usual" amenities - except on boats, I estimate about 30-40 of them in all. (This may be a side effect of a loophole in the city zoning regulations, which explicitly permit free mooring, but say nothing about business on the boats: hard to open up shop onshore, so shops sprout up "offshore", quite literally ;))

(26 Jul '16, 14:39) Piskvor
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