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My PC is communicating with without my knowledge. I just found this today and traced the IP address to I can't find the software on my PC that is doing this.

How do I stop this communication? Please email me an answer ASAP to

I don't want to signup on this webpage because I don't even know what this is but I had to to ask this question.

Thanks, George Bugh

asked 20 Jul '16, 22:59

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What software are you using on your PC which displays a map?

(21 Jul '16, 11:10) Richard ♦

Ok thanks!!!

I was going to: and they were drawing maps on the webpage.

Yesterday I thought I saw svchost.exe going to that IP address but this morning I see only firefox.exe going there so I guess that's all it was.

(21 Jul '16, 13:19) gbugh

According to is a tile cache server. That means it is responsible for caching and delivering of tiles, the images that are used for drawing the map.

It is very likely that this server gets accessed while you browse the map at or any other site that displays an OSM map and is using one of OSM's official tile servers.

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answered 21 Jul '16, 07:44

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Furthermore, OSUOSL is the Oregon State University Open Source Laboratory, which is basically this decade's sunsite...

(21 Jul '16, 08:40) Baloo Uriza

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