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I would like to create several (200/day) map images of max size 400x400.

Those images will be served online -to anyone- using Django.

The desired contents and properties of each image include:

  • Road names
  • Zoom 17 or 18
  • A marker at the center which represents the coordinates of interest.
  • Max size 400x400
  • svg format (jpg -at least- for smaller filesize compared to png)

A static map image seems not to be an option because the services that may provide it either:

  • Are not free after a number of requests
  • Do not provide svg or jpg formats
  • Do not provide a marker

The most realistic idea might be to create the images on my server(s)(or home box somehow) with a call to a script, for the first time, and then serve the created file while keep runing a task of updating the older images.

Searching around for such a setup, I find that I have to use mapnik on a postgis installation.

Supposing that svg is the prefered format due to its quality of display on retina images:

  • Is there a simpler or more capable solution for this task?

If not, I have scatterly read the following issues for svg images and mapnik:

Are the above difficult to resolve on a self-hosted setup?

Some help or a different approach is very much appreciated.

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