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Several years ago I've installed the tile server for my own projects and inserted some houses with coordinates directly into OSM database. After some time my client decided to edit maps using API and I've installed latest API. Now when my client wants to edit maps with JOSM he can't see the houses that I've inserted years ago. How to export data from rendering DB into APIDB so that I can see them in JOSM. PS: there are 70k houses

asked 13 Jul '16, 11:23

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It might be useful to explain a bit more what you're trying to do here. There's typically an awful lot less in a typical rendering database than an apidb.

(13 Jul '16, 11:31) SomeoneElse ♦

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(13 Jul '16, 12:46) Black_Corsair

Why don't you export building geometries in your rendering db to some file, which can be loaded/imported by JOSM and then continue populating your API DB via JOSM?

(13 Jul '16, 18:42) mmd

I'm new to OSM. Any detailed explanations with some commands will be appreciated.

(14 Jul '16, 07:29) Black_Corsair

How did you manage to insert some houses directly into the OSM database some years ago?! If you already succeeded in installing a tile server and API DB, you're definitely not new to OSM.

(14 Jul '16, 17:45) mmd

Yes I'm not new, but also not a professional, I did it years ago, so I might forgot something. The problem is that I can't export OSM database as a file and then import it into API server, because the OSM database is optimized for tiles rendering only.

(15 Jul '16, 05:48) Black_Corsair
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