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Based on this answer and to help me in my mapping of walls, particularly in Yorkshire. I have come across several places where a road and the surrounding farmland share nodes, I then have to disconnect each of the points individually and drag the edge of the farmland away to the line of the wall and then add my wall.

What I am interested to now is: Is there any way to disconnect all of an area and a lines shared points in on go to speed up the first stage of this process? I currently only have experience with iD so if it's possible there that would be great however I am willing to work with the other editors if necessary.

asked 10 Jul '16, 11:11

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(not a direct answer to the question but)

In the case of streets (as that answer says) I wouldn't share nodes between linear features like roads and the surrounding farmland.

However, in the case of farmland and walls, if the farmland really does end at the wall I'd see no problem with farmland and wall sharing nodes, and if it doesn't I'd see no problem with the two being separate. Where I am (Derbyshire) farmland tends to exactly terminate at a wall, though further east it often stops, then there's "nothing much" for a bit, and then the hedge or wall.

(10 Jul '16, 11:32) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse Thanks I was almost certain that this was what needed doing, so thanks for clarifying. I just wouldn't mind being able to correct instances where this hasn't been done more quickly. Hence the question. Thanks though!

(10 Jul '16, 11:43) BarnsleyOli

Not sure if this helps...
In JOSM, you can select the farmland boundary, select the nodes at each end of the section you want to alter, then Tools > Split Boundary.
Select that portion, then Edit > Duplicate and a copy of that portion appears nearby. Select the problem portion, then Edit > Delete.
Drag the duplicate to where you want it to be and join the ends to the ends of the original portion you left.
This method may be better if disconnecting a large boundary.

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answered 10 Jul '16, 12:19

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Since your willngly to try other editors try JOSM, select the way and hit G, that works fine to isolate a whole area surrounded by whatever. Remember to connect all the nodes afterwords. Nevw method works for a few, less work.

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answered 10 Jul '16, 12:42

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You can also select the way and some of its node before hiting G, if not all nodes need to be unglued. Free-form selection is often the fastest way to do this.

(11 Jul '16, 11:30) Vincent de P... ♦

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