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Is it normal that most of the house numbers I've submitted, doesn't show up on the OpenStreetMap (view mode)?

When I go to the map's edit mode and click on objects, I can see the data I've entered, so they should be accepted and published, right? But only a couple of house numbers show up and one house number is displayed only partly ("14 k" instead of "14 k-2") - and that all even when I've zoomed in as much as I can. There are even some markers (e.g. a particular post office I've added) that appear in the next smaller zoom level, while they are absent in the biggest zoom level.

It seems that not enough space for the numbers is not the problem, at least not in the biggest zoom level.

asked 09 May '11, 08:27

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Do you have a link to an area that you edited? Most likely it is a rendering issue and nothing wrong with the data but it is always good to check. Btw you can try the osmarender layer and see if the housenumbers appear there.

(09 May '11, 08:30) petschge

some information can take weeks to appear, in my experience,such as boundaries in the nomination. I suppose that these changes are rated far are less important than roads and paths which would be a priority

(09 May '11, 09:49) andy mackey

please type in "changes" and read some of those Q&As

(09 May '11, 09:52) andy mackey

You are probably meaning this location. At the moment all housenumbers are drawn correctly (including the 14 k-2). So probably the reason was that some tiles were up to date and some were not. The reason you saw "14 k" instead of "14 k-2" is that at least on zoom 17 the border between two tiles is exaxtly in the middle of housenumber(left tile and right tile).

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answered 09 May '11, 10:16

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That's an interesting reason. :) Well, I looked at the map on another computer, and there were all the address numbers, so I thought: OK, so it has really took longer for some tiles to update than others, and now they all are and I can see all the changes. But then I went to the first computer and still got the old picture! Only after I'd deleted browser's cache did the tiles change… This is something to have to keep in mind then: that the tiles are served so that the browser does not know to reload them when they get updated, but it must be done manually.

(10 May '11, 07:10) Jānis

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