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Hi, is mapping former military danger areas ok in OSM? My question arises because of this map note which refers to this former naval bombardment area element that another contributor mapped.

The note says that if the military=danger area tag is applied to an element, it must also have the landuse=military tag applied to it. In this case the element has the military=danger_area tag but doesn't have the landuse=military tag. From personal knowledge I know this area is not used by the military anymore but live bombs still remain on the ground.

How can this map note be resolved?


asked 01 Jul '16, 23:01

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For info, I asked the question about this note and got a reply from someone who I suspect was the note adder. See similar comments on this one and this one .

Personally, if being familiar with an area you think that military=danger without landuse=military is the best way to talk it, then that's what I'd tag it as. I wouldn't hold too much store by what the wiki says - its recommendations may make perfect sense most of the time, but won't cover edge cases.

If however on balance you think that "landuse=military" makes sense, then of course add it.

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answered 01 Jul '16, 23:23

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Probably hazard=* also/additionally may help you.
Another suggestion was made on the barrier page.

(02 Jul '16, 12:00) malenki

[url=] This zone[/url] in the ATO(Anti-Terrorist Operation) in Ukraine may be said that it is former danger zone, but now it is quiet for more than 1.5 years. There was war in 2014-early 2015, but now the only thing that you can meet there are the grenades, TNT or other harmful explosives. Few soldiers are there, as Siverskiy Donets' is quite a wide river in the place

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