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Is there an easy way to move POI's into the building outlines with JOSM?

The reason: in my area are a lot of POI's and Address Nodes that are placed in the middle of the building. I would like to change that (with reasonable low effort...) according to the policy and to make editing more clear. (Not so many points)

Discussed here for POtlach:

asked 27 Jun '16, 14:18

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Don't move tags from nodes to the building outline unless you are sure that these tags apply to the whole building (or at least most part of the building). This often requires local knowledge.

(27 Jun '16, 14:43) scai ♦

Yes, there are several ways.

I'd like to know what policy you are referring to. I don't know any saying "Map buildings, not nodes". Both ways to map are correct.
A link to the region you refer to would also be helpful.

(27 Jun '16, 14:45) malenki

I live country sideish, so it's pretty easy to have a ''general knowledge'' of the area.

Well, that's how I interpret the One feature, one element ''rule'',_one_OSM_element

A city, where most addresses and POI's are in Nodes instead of the corresponding buildings is Furtwangen:

(27 Jun '16, 14:56) freakyuser

"One feature, one element" still holds when tagging the POI as a single node inside a building as long as the POI tags aren't present on both the POI and the building.

(27 Jun '16, 16:47) scai ♦

Thanks for the clarification with the POI's

But I still think, that at least addresses belong into outlines instead of nodes. Especially if the outlines are already drawn.

(27 Jun '16, 18:49) freakyuser

@freakyuser: if the building has an entrance (main entrance) mapped, I'd say it is ok if that entrance is mapped with an address (given that some big buildings may have multiple numbers and it may be hard to separate them. But for cottages, yes they probably should have the address in the outline.

(23 Sep '17, 22:49) tomato42
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In JOSM, select both the point and the polygon then under "More Tools" choose "Replace Geometry". If there is a conflict on the tagging, (e.g. the polygon already contains a the same tag) you will get a dialog box asking you which value to choose.

As mentioned in the comments on the original question, only do this if all the tags on the point are appropriate for the polygon. If not all tags are appropriate, then individual copy and paste of the tags is probably your best course of action.

permanent link

answered 27 Jun '16, 19:40

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Thanks! That's what I was looking for.

(27 Jun '16, 20:12) freakyuser

Note that the "Replace Geometry" menu item is part of the UtilsPlugin2.

(27 Jun '16, 20:30) maxerickson

Good point, I installed the UtilsPlugin extensions so long ago that I'm not really sure which functionality is associated with each plug-in.

(27 Jun '16, 20:32) n76

"individual copy and paste of the tags" = ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+shift+v to paste

(27 Jun '16, 23:36) aseerel4c26 ♦

This is news to me too! a good thing to know, I'd always done copy and ctrl+shift+v.

(30 Sep '17, 05:21) keithonearth

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