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I successfully created golf:green and golf:hole. However when I view the map I see the green but not the hole. I don't understand why the golf:hole doesn't appear. I used a simple path for the hole not a closed area as I think that is more representative and its hard to correctly bound the hole.

The relevant area is at:

Does anyone know why the path for the hole doesn't appear?

Thanks Matt

asked 27 Jun '16, 03:00

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Note that most golfs move the location of the hole on the green at regular intervals. This helps level the wear and provides some variety. If it's done well, the move is pretty much invisible.

Unless you know for sure that this particular golf doesn't ever move its holes, or you can commit to updating the hole locations regularly, I suggest not mapping golf holes at all.

(27 Jun '16, 11:01) Vincent de P... ♦

@Vincent de Phily, note that golf=hole is for the way from tee to green. golf=pin is for the location of the hole. see

(30 Jun '16, 15:29) neuhausr

The map views offered on the site do not render those details yet.
Here is quite detailed mapping
osmfr displays (renders) more of your mapping and another osmfr example

There has been some discussion about rendering more golf tags on github .. for example and eventually more osm style choices will render the tags.
This would be most useful on a smart phone for golfers I suppose.

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answered 27 Jun '16, 05:24

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Thanks, its helpful to know it is a rendering issue rather than a data one.. Its a bit discouraging that the github conversation is two years old. I see some courses use highway=path instead as at least it displays.

(27 Jun '16, 07:45) MLiberty

ITO also has a map that renders golf features, although it's more for QA purposes.

(30 Jun '16, 15:30) neuhausr

MLiberty, remember your working on a large database, one of my first lessons, and not a map. Like nevw wrote, a golf institution or course could use your data to display a golf course with all ins and outs if available on OSM, on your mobile. Work for ages.

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answered 27 Jun '16, 09:30

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I agree that the information in the DB has use beyond the osm website. However I would still like to see it appear there too. What is the process for making that happen? I'm glad to contribute there as well though I don't know where to start.

(27 Jun '16, 21:29) MLiberty

There are currently 4 layers on the OpenStreetMap website. The "standard style" is discussed here, and the humanitarian layer here. The other two layers are from Andy Allan; follow the links when they are displayed for contact details.

What any particular tile layer displays is down to the maintainers of that tile layer. It simply isn't possible to render everything and still have a readable map - you can't have "everything louder than everything else". It'd be nice if the website supported multiple user-selectable layers, and that's not a grand conspiracy against golfers, just that none of the volunteers who maintain the site have sat down and written something that does that. There is a "spare slot" on replacing the former MQ Open tiles, so it's possible that a golf-aware layer may be added.

If you want to replace one of the layers on the website with some other tiles it is possible to use browser plugins to achieve that. That's what I do to see an England-and-Wales specific style that I use.

(27 Jun '16, 23:42) SomeoneElse ♦

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