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I would like to request a new standard label for a poi; specifically "boulder"

This is used to add boulder locations which are specific to rock climbing "boulders"

How do i contact admin to enable this?

asked 23 Jun '16, 10:59

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See this question on a similar request: - in short, there are multiple ways to render the OSM data; although it is possible to provide new elements to render, it's not a trivial matter of "an admin enabling a feature", technically nor procedurally: foremost, you'd need to show that it's something worth rendering (e.g. unlikely to happen for a tag that's used 10 times in the whole map).

(23 Jun '16, 11:50) Piskvor

Btw, can you link to a node that's tagged as a boulder? (It's sometimes useful to have context)

(23 Jun '16, 11:53) Piskvor

Thanks Piskvor I am unsure how to link to the proposed node Node: Training Boulder (4260122369) Location: -33.9487386, 18.409647 I ty to download xml file but I get a blank screen and no dl

I saved this point, but not sure how long until it is public onto the map layer

(23 Jun '16, 12:30) Stingrei

You can link it by adding the node "browse" URL, like this:

(23 Jun '16, 12:44) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you SomeoneElse

(23 Jun '16, 12:47) Stingrei

Generally speaking, you'll need to tag something as something in order for people to be able to add it to maps. Your example has just a name and description; it doesn't yet have a machine-readable tag of what it is.

To find out what other people have tagged things as, you can use taginfo. Searching for "boulder" as a key gives this list, and as a value this one. There appear to be a couple of schemes in use. You might also want to consider "climbing:rock". From these lists you can click the "overpass" link in the top right-hand corner and see locations.

That might be good enough to use as a map, but if not there are other alternatives for ad-hoc maps, such as uMap.

There are currently 4 map layers displayed on itself; it's likely that a climbing boulder won't really fit within the remit of any of those. If you do want to suggest adding it to OSM's "standard" style, then the place to do so is here. In this case however it's likely that the style maintainers might think it doesn't belong on a general purpose map style, although of course there's nothing to stop you creating your own map.

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answered 23 Jun '16, 12:55

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks Someone else; i have added tag: that should work. So its a poi general label, with a tag. I think I understand.

(23 Jun '16, 13:05) Stingrei

You should also remove the name. Name is the name only while name=Training Builder sounds more like a description than a name.

(23 Jun '16, 14:50) scai ♦

the name of the Boulder is actually the 'Training Boulder' like the nearby Boulder is called Royston Vasey Boulder in this instance . . . .

(23 Jun '16, 17:13) Stingrei

It is also helpful to look at other data in the area and see how it is tagged. South of the boulder you reference, (just south of Trafelberg Road) there are a number of other boulders tagged like:

  • name = *
  • sport = climbing
  • climbing = bouldering
  • tourism = attraction
  • natural = stone

I don't know if the tourism tag is ideal (I wonder if it was added to get them to render on but the other tags seem reasonable.

Note about the climbing tag: on the sport=climbing page, it recommends specifying type of climbing with climbing:boulder=*, but on the climbing proposal (not approved but in at least some use) it recommends using climbing=boulder.

Also, see the Renderer section for maps that render climbing tags!

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answered 23 Jun '16, 15:34

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Thank you Neuhausr I am learning but still not getting to the result! I have added more detailed tags including the climbing tags, rock tags, and others that make sense. I am wondering what R`ender means: trying to read up. I am trying to have the Boulder points I add, appear on the openstreetmap "base map layer" in the same way that the Roysten Vasey Boulder and path appears just under Tafelberg Rd, and nearby to my boulder point. This is so that any other app viewing the OpenStreetMap layer, e.g. Strava or Gaia GPS views this as a base map layer. How do I achieve that?

(23 Jun '16, 17:08) Stingrei

"Render" here means the data being displayed visually on a map. See for an example of how the data can be shown even if it is not on As I mentioned, it appears people have added tourism=attraction to boulders to get them to render on, but this seems a little questionable. Tagging for the renderer is discouraged in OSM--see The rendering is maintained and updated through, as @SomeoneElse mentioned in that answer.

(23 Jun '16, 17:43) neuhausr

Thanks Neuhausr

so what is the best way to build a layer of Boulders that visiting (mostly international) climbers can view on their own various apps that pull from osm?

(23 Jun '16, 17:46) Stingrei

Overpass turbo is probably the easiest way. Here is a query for sport=climbing tags near Cape Town: You could also make different or more complex queries using the wizard or documentation. You can export the data into a variety of formats, including gpx which many GPS units can use easily.

(23 Jun '16, 17:53) neuhausr

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