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I downloaded the South America .img map by Ecuador Tour and loaded it on my Garmin 60CSx. I discovered that one street in Santiago, Chile, would not route correctly and checked it in P2 to see that traffic direction on it –as shown by the arrows– was in the wrong direction (to the south) so I edited it. Now in P2 the arrows point in the correct direction (north) but OpenStreetMap views still show the arrows pointing south. Would you please give me an insight on what is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Changeset is 8065152. Thanks.

asked 07 May '11, 20:19

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I'd say, this is normal, the servers are not updated instantly - did you check all scales in OSM? Sometimes you start seeing your update in one scale before the others. Normally, your update should definitely be there tomorrow ;-)

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answered 07 May '11, 21:00

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Thank you both of you for your kind answers. I think I was just too inpatient. I just checked again and saw the change beginning to show. I'm new with OSM and was confused because the first editing I did was rendered much faster than in this case (just a couple of hours). Thank you again and I promise to be more patient in the future.

(08 May '11, 01:29) OttoPilot

please have a look at this question and the answers given to Why haven't my changes appeared on the map?

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answered 08 May '11, 01:05

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andy mackey
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