The colour tag allows CSS color names or RGB color codes (#RRGGBB), according to the wiki page.

But the wiki page for the osmc:symbol tag only mentions use of color names. Does this tag not allow use of RGB color codes?

asked 17 Jun '16, 00:51

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Taginfo indicates that there are ~2 objects that use color codes:

(search for # in the search box that is to the right of the page below the Values used with this key header)

So the de facto situation is pretty clear, use the named colors.

Looking at the wiki, it looks like consumers of the tag expect it to follow the format given there.

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answered 17 Jun '16, 02:20

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OK then, thanks, named colors only. But the followup question would be: what name set? The 16 named colors in HTML4.01 (which are the same names as on the Key:colour wiki page)? The 17 named CSS2 colors (same as HTML4.01 plus 'orange')? The 140 named colors in CSS3?

Using the taginfo link from you, it seems that the HTML4.01 named colors (as in Key:colour) are used the most, 'orange' is used a lot, and other colors names are used but much less frequently.

(17 Jun '16, 03:24) ljb_nj

The wiki links as a "complete list".

(17 Jun '16, 04:33) maxerickson
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