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After I have uploaded a GPS trace I can only see the pure trace as a black line on a white background. Ho w can I make my trace visable on the map?


Regards Markus

(P.S. Maybe I have overlooked an option, but did not find anyway)

asked 06 May '11, 15:12

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TomH ♦♦

try this site it will display a trace up 10000 points or you can also export a route you have drawn on the map to your gps

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answered 09 May '11, 14:03

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andy mackey
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You have to choose the edit mode from tha main map at ... see "Editing"

This starts the online Editor Potlatch2. Then there is an option to display alls GPS traces from your area.

You can also start one of the offline Editors like Merkaartor or JOSM ans load your GPS-Trace directly from your harddisk. Then you can load the OSM data that already exists around and start editing.

Just for viewing it on a map, use a tool like Routeconverter

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answered 06 May '11, 16:16

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Tanks Stephan for your fast answer! Yes, I tried the "Editing", but this brings me to a workspace with a lot of different map items I can click adn manipulate, but I can not identify where my trace is. I tried to find a proper documentation for Potlatch2, but I was not succesful.

Thanks for any further advice!

Regards Markus

P.S. Sorry, but I'm pretty new to OSM ;-)

(06 May '11, 21:07) maham

Try going to "", clicking "See just your traces" and then clicking "edit" next to it. Your trace should appear. You might want to zoom in a bit to actually edit the map though.

(06 May '11, 22:04) SomeoneElse ♦

Hello Maham, your words of thanking would be better a comment to the answer rather than a new answer to your original question, because this site is an FAQ system where each answer can be voted to find thebest ones. So it is not a forum with a chronoligical order. You can convert your ANSWER to a COMMENT by selekting "more" with that little black triangle. Thanks in advance.

Then you can read and to find out how to deal with your GPS traces. The wiki is helpfull!

(07 May '11, 06:47) stephan75

I can understand why Maham is not finding the GPS trace. I assume that he has zoomed in too much in edit mode. If one zooms out a few levels, then all of the other details will disappear and the gps track will be visible clearly.

(20 Aug '14, 07:12) Urml

You still might not see your traces if they were uploaded as "private" and then changed to "public".

(23 Sep '14, 19:24) meetar

Old question but misunderstood question, I think. After GPX track upload, with Potlatch2, we get a page like this one

... with a black line on a white background.

Click on the edit link to see the track in blue on a real map. But be careful since you are then in editing mode!

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answered 12 Apr '12, 14:48

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OpenStreetMap is not meant to be a GPS sharing website. So if you want to show the trace from your last hike to your friends you have to upload it to some other website too. There are quite a few sites that show GPS traces on top of openstreetmap based maps, e.g.

OpenStreetMap itself collects the GPS traces to help with creating the map. The two main uses so far is "tracing" that is uploading a GPS trace and than drawing ways that follow the trace and aligning aerial imagery to the existing GPS traces. Those to activities are done in an editor, either the online editor Potlatch or an editor like JOSM or merkatoor. All of these editors have options to show GPS traces. The way to enable GPS traces differs between the different editors and can be found in the associated documentation.

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answered 08 May '11, 10:50

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