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I am very beginner in OSM. I have a truck that goes from point A to point B. So far I have succeeded in finding the fastest route using Dijkstra. Now, I am complicating the scenario by making the truck may carry hazard items. If it does, I need to find the fastest hazard-friendly route for the truck [ a route where every road segment allow the truck to carry out hazard items and its total distance is minimal]. Checking my OSM data, there is no mention whatsoever of 'hazmat' . Should I assume its OK for the truck to route over such roads? At least for now. Or is there any other way to get this info[ or at least to guess it] from the OSM data ?

asked 15 Jun '16, 08:49

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  • Is your question limited to a specific country?
  • Pardon the perhaps silly question, but what determines whether hazmats may be transported on a given road? Is it e.g. road width, road category...?
(15 Jun '16, 09:33) Lightsider

@Lightsider USA and Canada. And I don't know the answer for the 2nd question as I have 0 knowledge in Engineering and transportation.

(15 Jun '16, 10:35) xline

OSM is a project mainly made by volunteers. And volunteers map what counts for them.

So as the population of car-drivers is quite high, the number of volunteers driving a car is quite high, and the roads are pretty well mapped for cars.

The population of lorry drivers transporting dangerous goods is a bit smaller though, so you can expect plenty of tags missing in that area on OSM.

The advantage of OSM is that everyone can edit it. So if this is for commercial usage, you could ask the lorry drivers to send feedback, and improve the data that way.

(15 Jun '16, 10:43) Sanderd17

Look for the hazmat key. It specifies whether driving with hazardous materials is forbidden or even encouraged.

If there is none then you can try to guess it by looking for boundary=water_protection_area tags but currently they are just a few elements with this tag in OSM.

As already stated by Sanderd17's comment: Do not rely on this information when planning actual hazmat transports! Instead contact the relevant authorities for retrieving information about safe hazmat routes.

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answered 15 Jun '16, 10:16

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Note that the classification under hazmat:* is country-specific - e.g. there's "hazmat:E=no" here: , which is descended from ADR: , but not specifically described there (rather, implemented by various signatory states in similar ways).

(15 Jun '16, 12:16) Piskvor

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