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I don't believe I've ever seen a road that allows buses and taxis but not other vehicles (except for a HOV lane, which also allows cars with enough occupants). If something is signed 'buses only', would the correct tag be psv=yes or bus=yes (or perhaps bus=designated)?

asked 30 Jul '10, 05:25

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I'm not sure if psv=* actually includes taxis. The wiki page is not clear on that. Personally I never did and always set psv=yes and taxi=yes to roads that allow both and didn't bother for taxi=no otherwise. I doubt it's never wrong to set all of psv=yes, bus=yes and taxi=no. (Although I'm not sure if bus=yes includes non-psv buses).

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answered 30 Jul '10, 11:15

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I'm also not sure whether PSV should include taxis. In the UK 'public service vehicle' is an official legal term and taxis are not normally counted as PSVs. The legal term also seems to be used in the UK transport industry in the same way. I'd therefore not use the tag psv to refer to taxis.

See pages 8 and 9 for the full UK legal definition.

However other countries may have different definitions and I suppose OSM doesn't necessarily have to follow the legal definition.

(09 Aug '10, 21:35) Paul The Arc...

psv= stands for "public service vehicle" and includes bus= and taxi=. It is not clear wether hov= includes psv or not.

HOV lanes can be tagged access=no, psv=yes, hov=yes. Bus lanes can often be found in bus terminals or in crowded city centers and can be tagged as access=no, psv=yes or bus=yes.

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answered 30 Jul '10, 15:19

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