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Hello. I have found a large number (about 3,600) ways in a small area of Northern California which all appear to be the driveways of private homes. The tagging is highway=service and landuse=residential. It seems to me that it should be highway=service and service=driveway. Am I correct about this? Should this tagging be "fixed"? Should I contact the users involved (there are a small number of individual users who have edited these ways)? Thanks!!! Roke Whitson

asked 10 Jun '16, 22:00

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For info, there's discussion about the rendering of similar features to this in the standard style in (with arguments on both sides).

(11 Jun '16, 10:15) SomeoneElse ♦

there are currently 6627 of such ways in the US (via overpass turbo). One example in Folsom, Sacramento County, California: .

The residential landuse there seems not to be wrong, but rather if should be around the whole residential area, instead of just a small highway area.

Before you "fix" (or what you think is "fixing") you should definitely contact, yes! This also prevents future occurrence. And, if they are really necessary, discuss your planned change.

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answered 10 Jun '16, 22:35

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I agree with "definitely contact that user", but disagree with the combination of highway and landuse=residential not being wrong. Maybe that user should have a look at the area:highway tag.

(11 Jun '16, 07:24) malenki

If what is intended is to mark those service highways as areas then there are better tagging choices. To me, OP's intent is just that - tag driveways as areas, and then tag them residential=landuse. A better choice would seem to be highway=pedestrian along with area=yes.

In so doing however, routers will choose not to navigate your driveway. No big deal in this case.

(11 Jun '16, 07:38) AlaskaDave

That is, to me, strange tagging. By default highway=service defines the center line of a traveled way and using it to outline a driveway would be interpreted to mean a circular road disconnected from the overall highway network. I'd think it could be improved by adding area=yes but that is only recommended for highway=pedestrian. In any case, I can't see that landuse=residential makes sense on just the driveway.

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answered 11 Jun '16, 04:56

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It's a mistake, plain and simple. There is a discussion right now in the tagging group started by someone who wants to tag landuses as ways. I'm not commenting on it because to me it's quite obvious that a landuse is an area, a polygon in OSM vernacular. A line is not an area. It is defined in geometry as an object having zero thickness and any length, that is, one dimensional — areas are not possible for objects with only one dimension.

Yes, contact them and try to explain what they did wrong and then be prepared to edit those driveway tags.

(11 Jun '16, 06:47) AlaskaDave

Thanks to all for your comments. From what I've read so far, I think the best way might be to keep the highway=service, then add service=driveway and area=yes, and get rid of the landuse=residential. The mapped feature is a highway (you drive on it into the garage), and it's a closed way not a linear feature, so the area=yes clarifies that. The service=driveway qualifies the highway=service tag. One could also, I suppose, do something like man_made=driveway. For those who have commented here, please consider looking at my other related question I'm posting now. Thanks!!!

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answered 11 Jun '16, 17:25

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