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I've been bothered by the routing on some local Ferry routes for a while, all the default routing providers on the OSM site recommend changing ferries mid-route, at a node 500m or so away from the ferry terminal where the change should actually take place. example (presently showing the recommended route transferring at the node offshore of Horseshoe Bay terminal)

This may be due to a poor choice of mapping approach for the routes, but as the ferries may leave from multiple berths it seems to be well mapped to me. I've added turn restrictions to the routes at the node (edit here). Is this a reasonable approach? Please check the edit, and let me know if it should be reverted, or if there is a more elegant way of doing this.

Edit: Some (All?) of the routing engines have now updated to take into account the turn restrictions, so the example link is no longer behaving as before.

asked 06 Jun '16, 22:16

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edited 10 Jun '16, 20:12

It seems to me that it would be better to remove the shared node. There's no relation between the routes, so there's no reason to have the ways intersect rather than crossing without intersection.

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answered 07 Jun '16, 06:49

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There's no relation between the 3 major routes, but all three do have a relationship with all three berths that the minor route=ferry ways lead to.

If we had the routes cross each other w/o a common node we'd have to inaccurately show each route connect w/ a single berth, or have each one split to 3 ways that go to each berth -- resulting in messy duplication.

Neither solution seems to be an improvement using turn restrictions.

(07 Jun '16, 07:49) keithonearth

I doubt that turn restrictions on a ferry route will be taken into account. One way you could fix this is by not sharing the ways that reach the berths (so that each berth has 3 routes arriving to it). Or try to take you question directly to the router's bugtracker, as the proper fix might have to be done on the software side.

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answered 07 Jun '16, 09:48

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Don't you think that each berth having 3 ways arriving to it is very messy?

(08 Jun '16, 08:39) keithonearth

Yes it would look probably messy, but the current geometry (with its 3 routes joining at one point and separating again) already looks messy. Not sharing ways would fix the routing, and arguably match reallity better.

(08 Jun '16, 12:02) Vincent de P... ♦

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