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I'm trying to tag a business that guides clients to hunting or fishing spots for a fee. The shop tags are for stores that sell equipment where these are selling a service. In America we refer to people who provide this service as guides, either hunting_guides or fishing_guides.

Any ideas?

asked 05 Jun '16, 02:23

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Hi Dave, use amenity=dive_centre and change dive into fishing, hunting and so on. And yes it’s not in the Wiki yet, but dive_centre sounds and matches the description for the other activities.

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answered 05 Jun '16, 14:21

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Thanks Nick,

I try to resist making new tags whenever possible but there is a clear clear need for such tagging in Alaska. Currently, there are almost no tags containing the word guide. But if I use the amenity tag (amenity=fishing_guide) then a place that offers guiding for both hunting and fishing will need a different scheme. How about this one?






(05 Jun '16, 16:46) AlaskaDave

Yes sounds OK, but why not use leisure as top-level tag.

(05 Jun '16, 18:41) SK53 ♦

Yes, I agree, leisure seems more suitable but the Wiki says "The leisure tag is for places people go in their spare time". Guiding is a service, not a place, so it doesn't quite fit in that category.

(05 Jun '16, 19:13) AlaskaDave

I wouldn't over-rely on the wiki - I'd just go with whatever seems best to you. I'd just make something up and make it clear (perhaps using an additional description tag that'll appear if anyone does a related taginfo search to make it absolutely clear what it is you're tagging). If some sort of consensus appears later, you can always change to the agreed tagging.

(05 Jun '16, 20:05) SomeoneElse ♦

Dave you could add a whole range of guided sports, such as rock_climbing, canyoning, speleology or mud_walking and so on until city_trips.

(05 Jun '16, 20:49) Hendrikklaas

Thanks all

I think I've got enough feedback. I will use the leisure=guide_service as a top level tag and add activity specific tags as above for the type of guiding provided.

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answered 05 Jun '16, 21:17

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