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so I have a project here that requires to create maps of cruises (with ships) (e.g. cruises of Carnival Cruise Line or RCCL or MSC). So usually these maps are painted by hand either really painted or edited in some sort of map editor. The challenge is that you only have the GPS coordinates of the ports where the ship is calling. Since there are no streets all of the routing mechanism just use straight lines even if an island is in between.

So what I'm looking for is a way to just enter GPS coordinates and then have a tool generating cruise route maps automatically.

That should be the result:

looking forward to creative ideas!

asked 02 Jun '16, 02:29

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(02 Jun '16, 08:43) Lightsider

Well, you do have coast outlines in OSM; so it's a matter of finding a short-ish Bezier path from one hop to next, one which doesn't intersect coastlines, and keeps reasonably clear of the coast (perhaps by extending the coastlines a few km out and routing in the resulting shape). Getting from that to an algorithm should be smooth sailing (pardon the pun). This, of course, will be an approximation only, as shipping lanes are dictated by other factors, and you'd need to tweak the map by hand (e.g. for the strait of Sicily).

(02 Jun '16, 08:46) Piskvor
(02 Jun '16, 17:25) alester

Record them with a gps, smart phone or a car sat nav which you could power with one of high capacity power banks or from the ship's power supply, as i assume you may have to keep the device powered up for a few days. Getting a signal below decks will be a problem, although i recorded one by the window on a holiday jet. If you are working for the cruise line get a gpx from the company.

(02 Jun '16, 17:35) andy mackey

Thanks! I forgot the mention that the route doesn't have to be precisely the route the ship is taking. It is just for informational purposes.

(02 Jun '16, 18:26) das_ubersoldat

@das_ubersoldat: In general, please do not post your questions to several places (at least not without mentioning it and linking all places). That wastes help resources.

(02 Jun '16, 19:41) aseerel4c26 ♦
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