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I have noticed as of about 1 week ago the MapQuest tiles at maximum zoom do not load, or take a minutes to load. For example anywhere I visit in the world at maximum zoom does not load tiles:

I have no idea who to contact about this so I am trying here. I believe the tiles are generated and served by MapQuest? So maybe they have a server issue? Thank you for your time.

asked 01 Jun '16, 07:57

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Mapquest partnered with Mapbox for their main site last year. As I understand it development of the tile layer available at stopped then. Locally to me updates stopped around the end of last year, so even if new tiles render they'll be based on old data. Maybe they no longer support zoom 18 with those old tiles?

If you want to contact Mapquest, you can follow the "Mapquest" link at the bottom right of OSM's Open Mapquest tile layer and get to various "contact us" links. I have no connection with Mapquest and therefore can't speculate about how easy it would be to communicate your problem with them, but other Mapquest customers do use these same tiles (albeit on different URLs) though - at least one is affected by the loss of zoom 18 in the same way that is.

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answered 01 Jun '16, 09:55

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As of last week, I'm seeing zoom 18 tiles from Mapquest again. The underlying data is still from last year, so for example is missing a major new road, but the tiles are there.

(13 Jun '16, 12:18) SomeoneElse ♦

... and as of these week they've announced the end-of-life for that tile layer:

It's already been removed from, though some commercial customers are still using it.

(19 Jun '16, 16:42) SomeoneElse ♦

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