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Hi, We have started writing an application thats uses openlayers and openstreetmap data. My question is can we use the openstreetmap data generated by openlayers in a web browser to display vehicle positions without licensing issues ??. We do not want to release our source code. We also would like to run an offline server with the map tiles cached up for offline use. Is this also possible without licensing issues. Do we need to pay for a license ??

Regards Ian Admatics

asked 03 May '11, 17:26

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You just want to show the map tiles, and cache the map tiles, and layer some data over the top? Go for it! If you're using OpenLayers, leave the default attribution in place and you'll be compliant with the attribution requirements.

Caching tiles for offline use is fully permitted, but be aware that you shouldn't bulk download tiles from our server. That can degrade the service for everyone else (See Tile Usage Policy)

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answered 03 May '11, 17:30

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Harry Wood
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... also have a look at more answers tagged with "commercial" at this site.

(03 May '11, 19:47) stephan75

And I think Harry's Yes is to the "without licensing issues" question and not to the "do we need to pay", though all donations are welcome.

(04 May '11, 08:58) EdLoach ♦

Thanks, thats the answer i was looking for, I will speak to my Line manager about making a suitable donation.

Thanks Guys

Regards Ian

(04 May '11, 11:40) Admatics

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