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Sometimes lines of different types (e.g. roads and administrative boundaries) are connected. If I want to correct one of them by dragging a node on the line to another place, the other line also shifts, which I do not want.

How can you de-connect the two lines in a given node, so that one of them stays where it is while I can drag the other one to the correct position?

I am very new to Openstreetmap, so please forgive it this is a stupid beginner’s question, but I have not really found an answer to it by searching the database.

asked 07 May '16, 06:51

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I only have found the other, similar question how-do-i-separate-a-node-from-the-middle-of-a-way – which is not really what you want.

(07 May '16, 09:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

Select the shared node and from the available options select Disconnect (shortcut D). Then this node will get duplicated for each way sharing it.

Now there are multiple nodes located at the same position. To select the node of a specific way you have to first select this way, then select the previously shared node. This way iD (and other editors such as JOSM) know which of the duplicated nodes to select.

Afterwards please make sure not to leave any duplicated nodes behind. You can connect ways by selecting one of the end node and moving it on top of the node of the other way.

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answered 07 May '16, 08:30

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Thanks a lot, this seems a clear answer. However, apparently there is a special problem in my case: the node in question is actually triple: it is a split in an administrative boundary, i.e. 3 administrative units meet at this point (however, the position is not correct on the map, that’s why I want to move it), and this coincides with a node in the street. When I try your solution, I get the error message that I cannot separate this because it combines members of a relation (retranslated from German, I hope this is more or less what it would read in English). What can I do in this case?

(10 May '16, 08:36) KSW15

Can you provide a link or a node ID?

(10 May '16, 08:39) scai ♦

I am not sure how to provide a link to the given node, but the node ID is n2642485795.

(10 May '16, 09:12) KSW15

The link would be

I get the same message. Seems to be a shortcoming (or precaution?) of iD to prevent breaking relations. It seems you will have to use another editor to unconnect these nodes :/

(10 May '16, 09:54) scai ♦

Okay, thanks a lot for checking. I tried switching to Potlatch 2 now (which I haven’t used before). Again, if I drag the node, the street also moves. Would you know how to de-connect them in Potlatch 2?

(10 May '16, 10:11) KSW15

Joining/unjoining of nodes with Potlatch 2 seems to be possible via Shortcuts only. Unjoining can be done via shift-j. Joining can be done by dragging the node on top of another node, then pressing j. I just tried it but editing with Potlatch 2 always feels very weird to me. Personally I prefer JOSM but this is a very different category of editor, having a steeper learning curve.

(10 May '16, 10:20) scai ♦

Perfect, thanks a lot, indeed. This did the trick! Thanks again for the quick help!

(12 May '16, 22:42) KSW15
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What to do if a isolated node tag (eg. a statue) suddenly gets included in a line or area? (these accidents are usual in ID, and difficult to notice). ID only allows unlinking of line-nodes, but it does not allow unlinking a node from a single line.

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answered 02 Sep '17, 13:05

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You're probably better off asking that question in a new question, rather than adding it as an "answer" here.

(02 Sep '17, 14:53) SomeoneElse ♦

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