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Sur OSMAND android j'ai téléchargé une carte Iran. Les noms de villes etc .... sont illisibles les caractères apparaissent comme des rectangles. Que faire ?

asked 05 May '16, 14:02

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This OsmAnd problem looks similar: (sorry for English). What Android version do you have?

(05 May '16, 15:41) Piskvor

For info, the same problem has been reported in Algeria:

(although in that case it's due to "multiple language names in the name tag").

(05 May '16, 20:24) SomeoneElse ♦


(06 May '16, 13:41) Lagopede

Merci à SomeoneElse, je vais aller sur le forum Algérie ce soir. Thank to Someone Else i am going to the forum about Algeria this evening. I return here later.

(06 May '16, 13:50) Lagopede

@Lagopede No, that's your OsmAnd version.

(06 May '16, 16:25) scai ♦

My version Android is 2.3.6 my version OMSAND is 2.1.1 I made a test with a friend. He downloaded OSMAND with a version Android 4.3 The version OSMAND is not the same like mine , the version, for my friend, is 2.3.5. The Iran Map OSMAND is correct for him with local names Like you can see on the img it is not only the Iran map that have problem but all the pays différents with alphabet. Why ?

(08 May '16, 14:40) Lagopede

Damn, I converted your answer to a comment but the buggy OSQA seems to have dropped your reply completely, now it is lost :(

In that case it seems like your Android version is just too old to get a recent version of OsmAnd. Newer versions of OsmAnd don't seem to have this problem any more. Either try a different app or try to get a newer Android/OsmAnd version.

(08 May '16, 15:18) scai ♦
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Translation: I downloaded OSMAND on Android with a map of Iran. City names are unreadable as characters appear as rectangles. What can I do?

It sounds like a UTF-8 font issue as that would explain the rectangles replacing characters and the link provided in the comment by Piskvor seems to apply:

permanent link

answered 05 May '16, 20:13

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Jason Aller
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