How do I remove all the bus stop icons from my maps?

asked 03 May '11, 15:42

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What dou you mean with "my maps"?

Have you generated maps with a rendering program? Or do you mean the map display on the main slippy map at Or on your Garmin/Iphone/Adroid-device?

Please tell us exactly first.

(03 May '11, 16:22) stephan75

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The quick answer is render your own maps.

The longer answer.

The maps displayed on the main OSM page represent particular cartographic choices made by the people who design and implement the various map layers ('mapnik', 'osmarender' and OpenCycleMap). They serve two main purposes: helping map contributors, and illustrating that OSM data can be used in different ways. These maps are all bitmaps, so although there is a recognisable cartographic symbol for different features on the map, they are not strictly icons.

There are numerous ways that you can make your own maps, but usually people start with an easy to use tool such as Kosmos or Maperitive, and then work through Osmarender to Mapnik. This is a rough ordering of the degree of complexity (software, technical knowledge, effort required).

Other map providers (e.g., Cloudmade, Open MapQuest) may also have tiles which are suitable for your purposes. For instance, Cloudmade also offer a (limited) customisable map.

Questions related to adding icons will also contain other related information.

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answered 03 May '11, 16:07

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SK53, would you mind copying your answer over to the "Can I make a customized map..." question? Then we can always direct people there when they ask this kind of question.

(03 May '11, 16:08) Frederik Ramm ♦

No not at all: as long as they get re-directed because they may not understand that a customi(s/z)ed map is what they are asking about.

(03 May '11, 17:56) SK53 ♦
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answered 03 May '11, 16:07

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