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The "Save" button remains greyed out, even after adding a comment in the Changeset Comment field (of any length). screenshot of iD

I am aware that the button is greyed out to enforce comments (bad UI in my opinion, as the reason is not obvious) but the button stays greyed out for me. Can't save my edits. Chrome 48 on OSX.

asked 26 Apr '16, 12:54

Helge%20Fahrnberger's gravatar image

Helge Fahrnb...
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edited 05 May '16, 11:30

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aseerel4c26 ♦


I found a workaround that preserved my changes: I deleted "disable=true" in the source code using the Chrome Developer Tools and could submit the changeset without an error. So the problem is/was just clientside.

(26 Apr '16, 13:07) Helge Fahrnb...

I'm having the same problem on Firefox 45...

(28 Apr '16, 20:31) matsyr

I was having the problem with iD. Now switched to Potlatch 2 and it worked.

(28 Apr '16, 20:35) matsyr

Since there is now a similar question I've created an issue on GitHub for this bug.

(03 May '16, 07:51) scai ♦

I tried to reproduce the problem but couldn't, the Save button wasn't greyed out anymore. So I guess the problem is solved.

Anyhow: If this happens to you right-click on the button and click "Inspect" (using Chrome). Find "disable=true" in the source code of the submit button HTML and delete it. The button becomes active again and you can submit your changesets.

UPDATE: The bug has been fixed, see answer below!

permanent link

answered 26 Apr '16, 13:10

Helge%20Fahrnberger's gravatar image

Helge Fahrnb...
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edited 04 May '16, 09:49

This bug has been fixed in iD 1.9.4.

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answered 04 May '16, 07:38

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scai ♦
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