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Is it possible to link to multiple nodes? E.g. I want to show someone that they can get off at either of these two bus stops:

Would like to be able to send a URL something like:

(And it would zoom/center the map so that they are both in view)

Maybe this is a feature request!

asked 26 Apr '16, 11:53

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I think that the answer to this is 'no' - at least this is not part of the functionality of - there are lots of other services based on openstreetmap, and many many more technologically involved solutions beyond these too. does not attempt to provide all the services that people might want because at the heart of the project it's just a wonderful big pile of interesting data that is available for the kind of exciting uses that you propose.

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answered 12 May '16, 14:37

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I appreciate that you are gently telling me that 'we can't implement every feature everyone dreams up'. My motivation is that I'd like OSM to be the default no-brainer service that people use to share maps, just like wikipedia is the default site to use when referencing some subject. This is just an example of one feature that would enable this for me.. maybe there are other more important ones out there to achieve the same goal!

(18 May '16, 19:14) EoghanM

OSM really isn't that sort of website - it's not a "service" in that sense. You are, of course, entirely at liberty to download the data (subject to licence terms) and create any sort of service you want :)

(18 May '16, 19:24) SomeoneElse ♦

The linking possibilities of the front page are documented here, and it doesn't include linking multiple nodes or placing multiple markers.

It would be something we avoid on the front page, because there's this philosophy that we are stopping short of trying to make it a super-useful web destination, and instead encourage developers to power their own nifty web map tools from OpenStreetMap data. I think there's definitely a danger of "feature creep" with this kind of idea, and we'd end up devising a scheme allowing somebody to composing more complex geodata overlays. That sort of thing is generally catered for better on various 3rd party websites.

Having said that I'm not 100% sure which website to recommend. Your best option might be uMap but arguably this is not supporting your use case too well, since it involves composing a map and saving it there. If you wanted all your data encoded within a URL link, the only site I can think of which does this actually, is the static map wizard (except it does it as a static map image). Maybe someone else can recommend a site which does multi-markers specified in the URL, laid on a slippy map?

There's a similar question How can I display a map with multiple markers?, except that's less about linking and more about making a map on a website.

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answered 20 May '16, 13:24

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