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hi all,

So after downloading, installing and testing successfully Mapnik, postgreSQL, postGIS and osm2pgsql (with some help from the osm community ! and thank's for that); I downloaded the old OpenStreetMap xml stylesheet on github and rendered successfully some maps using the data they suggested me to download.

I think I understood how rendering process work but can't understind how to use the xml stysheet I downloaded to data I downloaded on

after analyzing the package I downloaded (xml stylesheet), I noted that many files was here just to permit to the example to be executed with success ... I told myself that I'll need to create the same files to the data I want to render. But unfortunately the process guides that allow me to create the same files aren't for windows users.

Can you please suggest me any tutorial or online doc where I can find solutions about my issue ? Any alternative solution to render maps on desktop are welcome ! Indeed I'm not learning rendering for web use. thank's in advance for your help

asked 26 Apr '16, 01:42

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Hi, great that you were successful! :-)

I have problems understanding your question. Could you please clarify the "issue". Is it that you are stuck to create some files under Windows? Which and why are you stuck there? Which section in the process guide is it?

Please ask your question for alternatives as a new question if you cannot find an old duplicate one.

By the way: What about just ditching the old Windows and using a new Linux? ;-)

(26 Apr '16, 06:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

It's exactly what I'll need to do soon ! switching2Linux Thank's for yur replay aseerel4c26

(27 Apr '16, 00:04) IDRI Sofiane

I'm not really sure what your problem is. However it sounds like you're not sure how to create images/view the rendered map with the OSM XML style. You'll have to set up a tileserver to do that. The switch2osm documentation on tileservers will help there.

BTW, the OSM style on is developed in carto. You can use TileMill to show images on your desktop using the current OSM style. The openstreetmap-carto install instructions go into more detail. It's much easier to get started with, and easier to change. That was one of the reasons for moving from XML to Carto.

Of course it all depends on your end game. What do you want to do? If you tell us that, we may be able to guide you more. If you just want to play around, investigate and learn, maybe start with the current OSM-carto style and TileMill.

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answered 26 Apr '16, 09:22

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