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edits i make don't always show when my browser refreshes. Sometimes when i go to Home and open the map again they show, but sometimes they don't. When i make additional edits the alert bar appears at the top saying 'Oops! Someone else seems to have made edits. You can save anyway but these edits will be lost'

If i leave it overnight, they usually resolve. Is there any way to resolve this instantly rather than waiting overnight? Is this a known issue?


asked 25 Apr '16, 19:10

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Are you sure that the actual verbatim error message is 'Oops! Someone else seems to have made edits. You can save anyway but these edits will be lost'?

(25 Apr '16, 19:18) SomeoneElse ♦

Sounds like a proxy related issue. How are you connecting to Internet?

(25 Apr '16, 21:17) ybon

Please supply:

  • which editor you are using
  • browser
  • what and where you are editing
(25 Apr '16, 21:23) SimonPoole ♦

note: one tag is "umap". @Bzc2010: please mention the address/URL of the page where you are editing

(25 Apr '16, 23:21) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm unsure what exactly your problem is. However it sounds like you might be making map edits to the map, and they don't appear on openstreetmap.org straight away, but do on your computer at home. If that's the case, don't worry, everything's fine. It sounds like your computer that you're doing the edits on has cached, or temporarily stored, the map on osm.org, and is showing you old images for a few hours. Whereas your computer at home doesn't have the old images. Don't worry this happens to everyone, and is a normal, and important, part of how the internet works.

You can confirm this is the case by "force reloading" when you're on openstreetmap.org. Here's some instructions about force reloading (top right hand box). Or if your browser has a "Private browsing"/"Incognito mode", you can try looking at the map in that.

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answered 26 Apr '16, 09:33

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