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Hello, there is a map generator where you can create an interactive map with markers and geo positions. It worked all right the last months:

Now lately every time I generate a new map an want to download the map, it indicates that the file has "0" kb. When downloaded the file is completely empty. What seems to be the problem? Is there any solution? The data that is inserted seems to be located within the web browser. Is there a way to extract it? Is there any other generator which I might use that works well? We have a very huge map that is updated on a daily basis and is visited very often by lots of people (many thousands every day), we need a solution.

thank you

asked 24 Apr '16, 10:16

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Best ask the operators (mediensyndikat) what's wrong with the service. If I make a map there and click on the download button, then I only see a white page.

If you want to make a online map with markers, you might like umap.

Or look at or other questions on this help site and search for "marker".

A general note, unless you host your own tile (base map) server: you need to obey the terms of use of the used tile services. If you have muuuch traffic, then e.g.'s tiles should not be used by you.

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answered 24 Apr '16, 11:30

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Hello, there is no support service at that site. Another site: does not work either. Is there any other solution to my problem?

If I used umap, what happens to the hundreds of markers of my map that I have already created?

What do you mean by much traffic? I host the .html map on my server, or is that service provided by another person? All the icons and stuff?

(24 Apr '16, 11:43) Freifrank85

@Freifrank: Support service: see the page's footer: . Very likely you (also) get paid-for service there, which might be interesting if you are representing a company just wanting to have a solution. If you need more help, there are other commercial service providers around OSM. We are just freaky volunteers here.

I guess your html file just contains the markers and links to libraries hosted somewhere else and loads the map also from somewhere else (likely It would be helpful, if you could mention a link to your map.

For umap you would need to recreate the markers, unless you can import your old ones somehow.

What is too "much" traffic for the tile servers is a bit undefined - see the tile usage policy. "Many thousands" sounds like it is too much (also depends a bit on what your visitors do with the map - do they just view one area or do they move around and zoom).

(24 Apr '16, 13:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

One of the inventers helpfully got in touch. He is helping to solve this. I will keep you updated and report the progress, thank you so far

(24 Apr '16, 17:03) Freifrank85

@Freifrank85: thank you for the updates!

(24 Apr '16, 18:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

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