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Hi everyone,

I was looking at some XML data, trying to see if I could parse out a list of all the streets in Indiana and I saw this record.

If you look at it, it's got two name tags, "Mahogany Dr" and "Augusta Ln." How can there be two names?


<way id="17369196" version="1" timestamp="2007-12-20T12:22:13Z" uid="7168" use r="DaveHansenTiger" changeset="369054"> <nd ref="179868313"/> <nd ref="179868315"/> <nd ref="179868317"/> <nd ref="179868319"/> <nd ref="179751152"/> <nd ref="179799630"/> <tag k="highway" v="residential"/> <tag k="name" v="Augusta Ln"/> <tag k="name" v="Mahogany Dr"/> <tag k="tiger:cfcc" v="A41"/> <tag k="tiger:county" v="Johnson, IN"/> <tag k="tiger:name_base" v="Mahogany"/> <tag k="tiger:name_type" v="Dr"/> <tag k="tiger:reviewed" v="no"/> <tag k="tiger:separated" v="no"/> <tag k="tiger:source" v="tiger_import_dch_v0.6_20070810"/> <tag k="tiger:tlid" v="114652027:114652028"/> <tag k="tiger:upload_uuid" v=" b1c43"/> <tag k="tiger:zip_left" v="46143"/> <tag k="tiger:zip_right" v="46143"/> </way>

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Where did that XML come from? I'm asking because the API returns only one name tag for that way as you can see by visiting

(03 May '11, 05:29) petschge

It looks to be corrupt XML. The latter bit is from

(03 May '11, 11:12) EdLoach ♦

I downloaded the indiana.osm file. That's where I got it from.

(03 May '11, 14:20) jaskiemr

@jaskiemr: Well, where did you download the file? Can't you just give us the URL?

(03 May '11, 14:30) sleske

@sleske a quick guess would be Cloudmade

(03 May '11, 14:42) SK53 ♦

You should contact cloudmade, on first glimpse it looks as if they have a problem creating the extracts

(03 May '11, 16:58) dieterdreist

Which mirror would you use in order to download Indiana roads then?

(03 May '11, 17:33) jaskiemr
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