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I am using JOSM's ToDo plugin to process and clean up hundreds of relations with problems (which the Validator plugin found). When I press ] to go to the next task (i.e. relation), the relation is selected and it is zoomed to. However it is not selected in the relation list window pane. How can I open the Relation Dialog in JOSM easily based on what's selected? Is there a keyboard shortcut for "open the relation dialog for the currently selected relation(s)"? Since I have 700 (ung!) relations to get to, every keystroke saving counts

asked 22 Apr '16, 19:45

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I spent a couple minutes looking and didn't find one. It seems the only ways to launch the relation editor are through the button in Relations window or by right clicking the relation in the Tags/Memberships window. If there was a menu entry, it should show up as an option in the Keyboard preferences, and there isn't such an entry.

(22 Apr '16, 21:25) maxerickson

The default is Shitf+Escape.

You can quickly discover keyboard shortcuts like this by going into preferences -> keyboard shortcuts and browsing or typing a search keyword. In this case, typing relation brings up the Relation editor: Open recent relation action (and lets you assign a different shortcut).

You might also find the reltoolbox plugin useful.

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answered 24 Apr '16, 22:41

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:( Doesn't work for me on JOSM 10161 Update It does work, but it seems to open the last selected relation, not the currently selected relation

(30 Apr '16, 12:46) rorym

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